Cristian Marin is a junior at Anderson High School and is enrolled in the Shasta-Trinity ROP Automotive Technology class for the 2018-2019 school years. 
Cristian is an outstanding student.  He demonstrates great organizational skill; he always takes the initiative when working in small groups to get the job done.  He has a very professional work ethic and behavior.  He is responsible, straightforward and always has a positive, respectful attitude.    Cristian has taken it upon himself to help other Spanish speaking students with their academic work, as well as in the lab doing the hands-on assignments.  He conveys an attitude of appreciation and loyalty; he shows excellent leadership ability when working with the other students
Cristian was born in Tepatitlan Mexico and moved to Anderson California in 2010 with his family.  When arriving to the United States, Cristian did not speak English.   However, within four years he had mastered the English language.  Cristian loves everything about school and competes in sports, with soccer being his favorite.  He is an enthusiastic soccer player and is a valuable member of the team.
When Cristian graduates from High School, he plans to go to college and major in engineering..  During his time at ROP, he wants to become more proficient at understanding electrical, hydraulic and mechanical theory and operations.  
It is with the upmost confidence and honor to have Cristian Marin represent the Automotive Technology program for the ROP/Redding Rotary student of the month.
Edward Milazzo
Shasta-Trinity ROP Automotive Technology
3659 Eastside Road
Redding CA 96001